Fast. Efficient.
Secure. Independent.


The Challenge

The current Broker/Underwriter model is inefficient and is not fulfilling its full potential in this globally connected, digitised world. While there exist solutions to combat some of these inefficiencies, there is not one that fully deals with the specific attributes of the TCPRI market.

The Solution

A single, secure, independent platform for sending,
receiving, negotiating and responding to enquiries.
Full audit trails for all information exchanged
(including historical data). Integration
into your systems. PPL ready.


Meaningful Discussions

Features such as box hours, address book and inline chat facilitate effective and meaningful conversations between Brokers and Underwriters. This means they can concentrate on structuring deals instead of queueing and rekeying information.

Insightful Data Analytics

We provide users with data analytics and management information, reducing the need for multiple CRM tools that may currently be used. All data is controlled by the user, and can be easily accessed and analysed providing integral and useful insights on past performance, while helping inform future transactions.

Industry Specialists

Founded by an experienced team from within the TCPRI market who are constantly refining and improving the platform from feedback directly from market participants.


Security is our highest priority and it is built into all software architecture, as well as undergoing regular third party penetration testing.


We are not owned or controlled by any insurer or broker, the platform is totally independent. This agnostic approach is designed to prevent any potential conflicts of interest.

PPL Ready

We support electronic placement and want to integrate into the PPL experience. We will also be able to seamlessly link into Broker & Underwriters’ central systems.

15 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 3AR

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