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Multi-broker collaboration

API ready

Fully digital ecosystem.

Grow faster and collaborate more easily through Dialogue's secure platform. 



Multi-broker centralised negotiation

Automated Follow capacity :

- A+ rated capacity

- Variety of risk appetite

- Increased risk transfer options

- Automated underwriting


Automated data analytics

Class specific data insights

- Critical insights into transactional data

- Insurer and Insured

- Increases risk transfer options

- Automated underwriting increases flexibility and certainty.

api (4)


- Modern, easy to use, RESTful APIs 

- Built native (not as an afterthought!) 

- Connect to any third party / internal system

Re Dialogue, I think it’s a great system, very happy to endorse it. Probably the best of the electronic platforms [...]
Senior Underwriter
Lloyd's Syndicate
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