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Meet the Team

We are always looking for high performers.  Some thoughts: 

- Dialogue is a complex undertaking - attempting to improve global insurance processes while also changing behaviours - no easy task.  If you yearn for this type of challenge, then get in touch.

--> Relationship managers to help scale out our architecture.  We are trying to simplify complex transactions or sets of tasks.  Think of Construction, Energy, E&O... any complex insurance class which can be improved through technology is in our sweet spot.

--> Data scientists to help curate an increasingly complex relational dataset. 

Let's Talk!

Brilliant design

User centricity

Complex engineering

Insurance needs a design upgrade, and we also recognise the complex nature of this global industry.




Dominique Fraisse

Dominique Fraisse

Non-Executive Chairman

25+ years in Investment Banking. Previous Global Head of Energy and Natural Resources & member of Natixis Group Executive Committee

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Ben Heaney

Founder & CEO

9 + years in complex commercial risk, started Dialogue in 2019. Based in London

Sam Heaney

Sam Heaney


Previously trained as chartered accountant at PwC before transitioning into PwCs fledgling startup business (Raise) as a consultant.


Andrzej Piszczek

Technical Lead

Responsible for software architecture technology roadmap. Background in backend technologies (PHP) as well as DevOps (AWS). Enjoys cycling, traveling and mountain climbing


Damian Labas

Lead Front-End

With Dialogue since 2019, in technology for 8+ years. Responsible for front-end technologies, solutions and architecture, and supervision of a front-end developers' team. A fan of long bike trips and mountain excursions.